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At Nashville Suboxone Doctor, we believe that addiction treatment should treat both the body and the mind.  While medically supervised detox is an effective way to physically remove the drug from your system, just as important is the process of coming to terms with the motivations underlying your addiction and finding coping mechanisms that work to help prevent relapse. Whenever you begin a suboxone treatment program, be sure to check if that program has counseling and therapy services, as these are key to maintaining long-lasting sobriety.

Explore three different types of therapy and counseling below that you will want to include in your suboxone program, all of which we offer at Nashville Suboxone Doctor completely free.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is essential in building your support network at home.  A supportive home network will help you have a successful recovery when you return to the real world after suboxone treatment and decrease the chances of relapse.  Family counseling will help repair damaged relationships as well as guide all current familial relationships to communicating more effectively.

Family counseling will not only help you re-establish trust and respect with your family, but also help your family understand your recovery journey and treatment needs.  For example, you may discuss enabling and blaming behaviors that could hurt your recovery process and engage in practice sessions using new communication techniques.  This therapy is essential in treating addiction because these sessions are focused on how to create a supportive environment post-treatment that will lead to long-lasting sobriety.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a safe environment to find peer support during recovery, share stories, and discuss effective coping mechanisms.  These sessions can address the causes for your addiction as well as identify triggers in order to prevent relapse.  Some suboxone clinics will also give you access to 12-Step, AA, or NA programs for further support during recovery.

At Nashville Suboxone Doctor and other suboxone clinics, you can join different groups to address specific concerns or issues you want to work on while in rehab.  Being able to interact with your peers and build confidence through group therapy leads to increased success after suboxone treatment.  The support you find in group therapy and the positive effect it has on your recovery process is an essential part of any suboxone treatment program.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling should include cognitive behavioral therapy to permanently alter addiction behaviors.  This type of counseling and therapy should go beyond coping mechanisms, triggers, and cravings, by also exploring the underlying causes of your addiction and the driving factors and the pain that cause you to rely on substances to feel better.  It is the difference between treating the symptoms of the disease and treating the underlying cause.  When you treat the underlying cause as well as the symptoms, recovery becomes much more stable and long-lasting.

At Nashville Suboxone Doctor, we strongly believe in the necessity of self-discovery through one-on-one counseling and self-reflection techniques.  You gain insight on how to grow as a person and learn how to motivate and support yourself during and after suboxone treatment.

The Importance of Counseling and Therapy

Treating the physical side of addiction, including detox and withdrawal symptoms, is only half the battle.  To maintain long-lasting sobriety, you need to address the causes of the addiction through group and individual therapies, as well as create a nurturing home environment through family counseling.  Otherwise, you are at a higher risk for relapsing back into your old substance abuse habits.

At Nashville Suboxone Doctor, we take pride in our in-depth, free counseling services that support you throughout the recovery process with innovative self-reflective techniques.  Call us today to see how our counseling and therapy services can help you or someone you love have a successful and long-lasting recovery.

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